Inventory Management

Mobile Inventory Management

Inventory Data Library

Multi Loc. & Enterprise Sites

Automate FB Marketplace

Craigslist Posting Software

Imports & DMS (Smart Data)

Classifieds Exports

Mobile Inventory

Go Mobile! Easily snap pictures on the go with Android and IOS apps. Quit wasting time downloading and uploading inventory!

Make Inventory Management Easy:

  • Easy-to-use mobile app for images
  • Simple add, edit, & duplicate options
  • Library allows you to auto-populate data
  • Save significant time
  • Full control and customization of content and display

Inventory Data Management

Give your online shoppers the information they deserve – plus you gain their trust in a whole new way.

Reduce your inventory manager’s workload and boost content for your online shoppers.

Showcase all floor plans and specs for current and past model years.

  • Add a Trailer, RV, or Vehicle in Seconds!
  • Unlimited images
  • Auto populate data and specs
  • Create unit specific print brochures
  • Manufacturer logos, brochures, and custom descriptions
  • Brand logos, brochures, unit photos, and custom content
  • Model floor plans, custom descriptions, and specifications
  • Easily add your videos and 360 tours

Multi Location & Enterprise Sites

Manage multiple locations in one account or split access by location. Run one website with one account, many websites from one account, or use multiple accounts to manage one website. No more forced solutions. You identify who has access to what and how the data is set up inside your account.

Watch the Leads Pour In

Our most successful dealerships receive an average of 250 or more qualified leads per month. How many will you generate?

Reach millions of people who are already looking for vehicles and trailers on Facebook Marketplace every day with automated vehicle listings through TrailerCentral.

  • No extra work on your end – We do it for you!
  • Unlimited number of inventory listings
  • Communicate with social leads through Facebook Messenger
  • 1 in 3 People in the U.S. use Facebook Marketplace

Craigslist Posting Software

Craigslist is a great source for lead generation but can be challenging and time consuming. Dominate Craigslist with our auto-posting software and reduce time spent managing and posting while greatly increasing the ads posted to Craigslist.

Plus with our proprietary system, your ads will look better!

We Guarantee an Increase in Leads:

  • Auto post to Craigslist
  • Save significant time
  • Dominate Craigslist
  • Full control of content
  • Full customization
  • Full control of display
  • Posting frequency control

Imports & DMS (Smart Data)

Import your inventory directly from the source of your choice. No forced solutions. Use Homenet, IDS, or our system to manage your inventory. We can expand the data received from your DMS using our data library. Have messy data in your DMS? Let us convert the messy data into beautiful marketing content. We add stock photos, brochures, descriptions, and even clean up your data for you! This allows you to get back to running your dealership.

  • Increase display quality with normalized data and control
  • Sell more online with better content
  • Dominate the market with less time and resources
  • Streamline and manage in one place at one time

Classifieds Exports

Regain control of your data and marketing. TrailerCentral makes it easy. We automatically feed and manage your inventory on every possible site your customers are using.

Gone are the days of waiting for feed setup and incurring additional fees. Turn feeds on and off at the click of a button.

The online market gives your customers a great selection of choices. There are a multitude of sites on the web where they can shop for RVs and trailers as well as compare dealerships in the area. If you’re not on ALL of the sites where your customers shop, you give the advantage to your competition.

  • Leverage the internet
  • Sell more online with more listings
  • Dominate the market with less time and resources
  • Streamline and manage in one place at one time
  • Increase display quality with normalized data and control