Rachel Rivers • June 24,2021

How to Sell More with a Digital Showroom

“Showrooms are another step to better cater to consumer needs,” stated Andres Mendoza-Pena, a partner in the retail practice of global strategy and management.

When a customer visits your site, they should feel informed about your products and empowered to make a purchase without needing to look further. With unlimited information online, buyers can easily review a company, product, or service before actually interacting with them. Current shopping trends indicate that by offering more online resources for customers like product guides, video tutorials, and blogs, you are more likely to stay ahead of the growing competition. See how top 50 dealers are utilizing digital showrooms on the daily to provide better product insights and increase inventory pre-sales.

But First, What’s a Digital Showroom?

A digital showroom, much like a physical showroom provides dealers with a way to showcase a variety of new models in the market today. All model data, images, and specs can be instantly available on your site for both customer and staff use. Additionally, showrooms provide insights and help bring awareness to alternative units that may be more readily available for buyers. Considering ongoing inventory shortages, this feature can be highly beneficial to the average dealer looking to provide more for their customers. Also, for uncertain or first-time shoppers, showrooms present a way to compare units side-by-side, request quotes, and more to help make an informed decision more quickly. 

What’s the Advantage? 

Virtual showrooms were developed to help generate interest and pre-sell more inventory. Especially during outages seen in 2020 and early 2021, dealers sought a way to temporarily supplement their lack of inventory on the lot, thus increasing digital showrooms’ popularity. Ideally, any business operating in the industry today should attempt to maximize online product selection to help drive overall profits and lead generation. Typically consumers will shop extensively online before visiting a retail location. To accommodate these individuals, dealers need to provide informative resources on their website to further persuade interested buyers to continue browsing. The longer a prospect stays on your site, the more likely they are to convert/make a sale. 

All in all, the goal is to keep customers informed and anticipate their needs before they need them. Supplying helpful resources like online showrooms can also further establish your dealership as an authority in the trailer space and lead to more sales when inventory production resumes. Finally, don’t forget that your website is your online billboard, primary salesperson, and the first point of contact for nearly all potential prospects in the market today. 

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Rachel Rivers