• How does TrailerCentral work?

    TrailerCentral users are trailer dealers who post their inventories on other classified-style websites, such as Ebay, Craigslist, HorseClicks, TrailersUSA, etc. Rather than updating their postings on each website individually, TrailerCentral users update their postings only once - on TrailerCentral. TrailerCentral then updates each website. We save our customers hours of time every day by updating their online inventories from one central location.

  • Can I test TrailerCentral?

    Absolutely! You can create a free account in minutes. If you don't think that a TrailerCentral.com membership will help your business, you have no obligation to pay. Your account begins functioning and uploading inventory to other websites once you have signed up for a subscription.

    If you'd like to see how TrailerCentral works before signing up, visit our Live Demo page. On the Live Demo page, you can use a test account to sample how everything works.

  • Will I need to download any software?

    No, TrailerCentral is completely web-based. To access your account, simply log in at the upper right-hand side of the screen.

  • What does a TrailerCentral subcription cost?

    A Trailer Central Basic account costs $85/month or $850/year. There is no contract, you can cancel your account anytime. All payments are currently processed via PayPal.

  • How often will my trailers be updated?

    Your online accounts will be updated as often as you update them.

  • Will I need accounts with other websites?

    Yes, you will need an account for every website you intend to integrate with. For example, if you'd like TrailerCentral to update your inventory on Ebay, you will need an established Ebay account. TrailerCentral will keep your account information fully secure and encrypted.

  • What if I have multiple locations?

    TrailerCentral is designed to work with dealers who have multiple locations. You can create many locations, and allocate your trailers to each of your locations.

  • What if I have 800 trailers?

    TrailerCentral is designed for either individual or bulk uploads. A user can input trailers one by one, or they can upload a .CSV file to upload multiple trailers at once. For users with large inventories, this is an important time-saving feature.

  • Do I need previous experience?

    If you are tech-savvy enough to post your inventory on other websites, you will be able to use TrailerCentral. It's really easy. To test out the way it works, check out our Live Demo page.

    For those users that would like to upload numerous trailers at once via .CSV upload, previous experience with MicroSoft Excel is useful.

  • Can I cancel my account?

    Yes, you can cancel your account at any time. There is no contract.

  • What trailer manufacturers do you work with?

    We work with credible industry leading trailer manufacturers like Load Trail; an equipment and dump trailer manufacturer. This list includes but is not limited to the brands below:

    Enclosed Cargo Trailers

    Premium Cargo Trailers

    Exiss Horse and Stock Trailers

    Sooner Living Quarter Horse Trailers